14 Fun Google Search Easter Eggs


It’s Google’s 20th anniversary, and the search engine is celebrating with a bit of fun. If you head to Google Street View, you can explore Susan’s Garage — aka Google Worldwide Headquarters — where Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally created Google. The space has been restored to is 90s-era glory and then, of course, digitized to Google for our entertainment.

While this Easter egg offers a nostalgic look back at Google’s origins, it’s far from the first the company has made. From games to pop culture references, typing the right terms into a Google search can offer up some clever surprises.

Amongst the Easter eggs, you’ll find Google twisting your words when you search for these:

1. Do a barrel roll: Causes your browser screen to spin (i.e. do a barrel roll) before it settles into the standard Google search listing.

2. Askew: makes the search screen tilt to the side.

3. Anagram: Asks if you meant nag a ram.

The loneliest number

4. The loneliness number: Brings up a calculator with “1” in the data field.

There are also quite a few games to play when you type the right terms:

5. Atari Breakout: Do an image search for this term and you’ll get to play a browser-based version of Breakout.

6. Spinner: Loads a fidget spinner at the top of the page for you to play with.

Super Mario Brothers

7. Super Mario Brothers: While you get the expected search results, an animated question mark on the right hand of the search panel can be clicked to earn 200 coins, just like in the game.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog: Mario can’t get all the glory, so a search for Sonic brings up an image of him on the right-hand side of the search panel. Click it and it will briefly turn into Super Sonic.

9. Fun facts: Gives you a random piece of trivia.

10. Tic tac toe: Loads a tic tac toe search panel, letting you get in a quick game (or two) in between searches.

T-Rex Run

11, T-Rex Run: If you’re using the Chrome browser and don’t have internet access, open a new tab in your browser and hit the space bar when the see the T-Res and the “No Internet” message.

Then there are some that are useful:

Flip a coin

12. Flip a coin: Flips a virtual coin for you and lets you know whether it came up heads or tails.

13. Roll a die: Rolls a virtual six-sided die for you.

And for another look back at Google’s past, this old Easter egg fits right into Google’s current anniversary celebration:

Google in 1998

14. Google in 1998: Changes the site to look like its 1998 version.

So happy birthday, Google! Here’s to 20 more years of Easter eggs.

[Image credit: Google search on phone via BigStockPhoto]

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