3 Foldable Smartphones You Can Buy This Year


In the past few weeks, foldable smartphones have made the leap from prototype to practical as big manufacturers have announced their own take on a flexible, multi-screen phone. These phones won’t be for everyone — prices of $2,000 and up will keep plenty of buyers away — but even if you aren’t buying, you have to appreciate the tech behind these big-screen gadgets. And if they’re out of your price range, you should know that manufacturers are already buzzing about cheaper models.

So let’s check out the folding phones you can buy right now — and what might be coming in a few years.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s first foldable will also be the first folding phone to hit the US market, launching on April 26. And though it comes at a luxury price of $1,980, that’s budget-friendly compared to the rest of the latest crop of smartphones.

The Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch AMOLED exterior screen, which unfolds like a book to reveal a 7.3-inch interior screen. Unfolding the phone causes whatever apps you were using to seamlessly appear on the interior screen in a larger format, so there’s no fuss transitioning from one mode to another.