4 Awesome Last-Minute Custom Gifts


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Sometimes the best gift is one that they can pick out themselves. Instead of giving a generic gift card, though, we recommend a completely personalized gift from one of these sites that let you design your own custom products. But you don’t have to design it for them. All of these sites offer gift cards for you to give as presents so the recipient can tailor the gift to be exactly what they want. And, they all offer digital gift cards, so you still have time to purchase them.

Create a custom look for sneakers and backpacks

If you have someone on your gift list who loves shoes, then a custom pair of sneakers from Vans could be the perfect present.

Your gift recipient will be able to choose between many different sneaker styles (hightop, classic, slip-on, weatherproof) and pick out the perfect color, material (canvas, suede, leather), and other design enhancements to create a high-quality pair of sneakers that perfectly suit their style needs. They can even upload a photo to print on the sneakers. Shoes are available in sizes for men, women, and kids.

Price: A simple pair of sneakers starts at $75. Design elements and materials will add to the cost.

Gift Certificates: Available via electronic delivery on Vans.com starting at $25 for preset gifts or you can give a custom amount.



Turn a child’s drawing or picture of their pet into a plush toy

Instead of giving the kids on your gift list a store-bought plush toy, fire up their imaginations with a plush from Budsies. With a gift certificate, they can design a  plush toy based on their own drawing or a picture of themself.  Advanced artists can submit front, back, and side views for a highly detailed plush. 

Petsies, a spinoff of Budsies, will take pictures of pets and turn them into stuffed animals. They will make custom look-alikes of dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, birds, and bunnies. Choose from a pet pillow or full plush toy. 

Price: Budsies start at $139, on sale now starting at $119. Petsies start at $49 for a small pet pillow and start at $249, on sale now starting at $199

Gift Certificates: Available via electronic delivery on Budsies and Petsies starting at $50 for preset gifts or you can enter a custom amount


Make Your Own Jeans

Custom order jeans and more

If you’re shopping for someone who’s more interested in the perfect pair of jeans than the perfect pair of shoes, MakeYourOwnJeans.com is just the thing. Choose the basic style, including percent of stretch, and then start customizing. They’ll be able to choose from button fly or zipper, button style, pocket style, thread color, and design their own label. 

The site goes beyond jeans with a variety of styles of pants, coats, shirts, suits, and leather products. Your gift recipient can pick the perfect style, color, fabric, and extras—then they upload their measurements and get a perfectly-tailored garment in the mail.

Price: Starts at $69 for jeans

Gift Certificates: Available in $25 on up


American Pearl

Design the perfect ring, earrings, necklace and more

If jewelry is what she’s after, American Pearl and American Diamond offer earrings, rings, and necklaces with customizable designs. With countless styles on offer, one is sure to delight.

Your gift recipient can browse for the perfect item before selecting materials and gems to make it just right for them. There are some amazing deals right now, but in general, prices are quite steep. 

Price: A pair of pearl earrings start at under $400 and prices go up with more elaborate pieces

Gift Certificates: Available from $25 to $50,000

[Image Credits: gift card via BigStockPhoto, Vans, Budsies, MakeYourOwnJeans.com, American Pearl]

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