5 Best Ways to Watch TV with Wireless Headphones


Don’t give up on TV time just because someone’s napping on the sofa (or you simply can’t agree on what to watch). You don’t have to retreat to the bedroom to watch on your tablet, either. A nice set of headphones lets you enjoy watching TV while everyone else enjoys their peace and quiet.

But when you grab your headphones, you’ll find it hard to relax on the couch when you’re tethered to the TV that’s only a few feet long. If you can’t stand being tethered to the TV, it’s time to go headphone shopping. But which headphones should you get, and what do you need to connect them to your television? We run through everything you need to know about wireless listening, plus share our top picks for headphones that deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Wireless Headphones for Best Possible TV Sound: Sennheiser RS 195

Headphones for Best Possible Wireless TV Sound: Sennheiser RS 195 or RS 165

Sennheiser has been a high-end audio brand since 1945, and its RS 195 and RS 165 closed-back, wireless headphones offer top-tier sound quality. The over-ear design reduces background noise to help you focus on what you’re watching. The pricier 195 model offers exceptional sound with different modes for speech and music, resulting in sound that comes through crystal clear.

Instead of Bluetooth, these headphones use a special Sennheiser transmitter (included) that works from 100 feet (for the RS 165) to 330 feet (for the RS 195) away. The transmitter is as simple to set up as any Bluetooth adapter. Just plug it into your television (or another audio device) via an optical digital audio output or a standard 3.5mm headphone jack or RCA connection. After that, all you have to do is power on your headphones and listen.

If you have multiple listeners but weren’t particularly excited by the ShareMe headphones discussed above, the RS 165 Sennheiser set works with a second pair of headphones. Pick up a pair of HDR 165s ($108) to add an extra set. Whichever model you choose, the headphones have a battery life of around 18 hours, enough for the longest Netflix binge, and charge wirelessly when you set them on top of the transmitter. Easy!

So which model should you get? With the RS 195 model priced at $307, it’s definitely not a budget buy, but if you can live without the extra range and sound modes, the 165 model offers solid quality for a more modest $150.

Price: RS 165 $219.95 on Sennheiser (check price on Amazon); RS 195 $449.95 on Sennheiser (check price on Amazon)

Best Wireless Headphones for Gaming: LucidSound LS31 Gaming Headset

Best Headphones for Gaming: LucidSound LS31 Gaming Headset

If you’re playing games rather than just listen, you’ll need a pair of comfortable headphones including a good microphone to let you coordinate with fellow gamers. That can be a tough combination to find without any wires, especially if you’re looking for something at an affordable price point, but the LucidSound LS31 fits the bill.

The LS31 has padded headband memory foam ear cups for comfort. Simple control buttons are located right on the ear cup, including separate volume controls for game volume and chat volume. The removable boom microphone produces good voice chat quality. The LS31 offers a solid 15 hours of battery life. The headset is designed to work wirelessly with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles; the Xbox One does require a sound cable that runs from your headphones to your controller in order to chat. [Note that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers all have built-in headphone jacks, so you can plug in wired headphones.] While these headphones are designed with console gaming in mind, they’ll do just as well when paired with your PC.

If you want to keep things under $50, your options are relatively limited. Your best option may be to use any Bluetooth headphones you have, because you won’t find anything wireless with a good boom mic for much less than $100. If you have a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone that’s also supported by your console, you’ll do just fine and save some cash.

Price: $149.99 on LucidSound, check price on Amazon

Best Way to Use Your Existing Bluetooth Headphones: Avantree Bluetooth Audio Adapter TC417

Avantree Priva III Bluetooth Transmitter for TV PC

Some newer smart TVs have Bluetooth built in, which allows you to pair any standard Bluetooth headphones with your television — no muss, no fuss. However, there’s a good chance your television isn’t Bluetooth-ready, in which case you’ll need an adapter. The adapter connects to your television audio input and then transmits the sound via Bluetooth to your headphones. The typical range is 30 feet or more.

The Avantree Bluetooth Audio Adapter TC417 connects to your television via a standard headphone jack (3.5mm audio cable), optical or an RCA jack. And since it supports aptX Low Latency, there’s minimal lip-sync delay. Connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones at once, and adjust the audio volume with your headphones or the TV remote. The TC417 also has a built-in battery, which lasts for 20 hours before it needs a charge. 

If you don’t already have a pair of Bluetooth headphones to use with your newly Bluetooth-enabled TV, check out the budget-friendly options on our list of the best Bluetooth headphones under $50. All in all, using an adapter with the headphones you have, or buying an inexpensive new set of headphones, is the most economical way to add wireless listening to your television.

Price: $39.99 on Avantree, check price on Amazon

Best Wireless Headphones for Two: Phiaton BT 460

Best Headphones for Two: Phiaton BT 460

If you’re looking to catch up on your favorite show with a friend but don’t want to fill the room with sound, your best bet is a set of ShareMe headphones. ShareMe isn’t actually a specific model of headphone but a type of technology used to let headphones share a single sound source without any tangled wires. A pair of ShareMe headphones connects to each other wirelessly and plays the exact same sound on both.

We like the Phiaton BT 460 headphones, which are Bluetooth but also come with a cable if you want to plug them in. They produce solid sound and boast great battery life — up to 20 hours. The Phiaton BT 460 headphones have good sound and a sleek interface, controlled by tapping the headphone ear cup.

With with pair of sharing-friendly headphones, you’ll still need a way to connect them to your television. If you don’t have a TV with built-in Bluetooth, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter (see above).

Price:  $129.99, check price on Amazon

Best Streaming Player for Wireless Headphone Listening: Roku Ultra

Best Streaming Player for Wireless Listening: Roku Premiere+ and Ultra

If you already have a Roku, you may already have a mostly wireless listening setup, depending on which Roku you own. Certain models feature a remote with a built-in headphone jack to solve just this problem. By plugging in an ordinary pair of headphones, you can watch TV without bothering the rest of the family. It’s not exactly wireless — there’s still a cable running from your headphones to the remote — but you still get the freedom to watch from whatever seat you like.

The beauty of this plan is its low cost. Even if you don’t own a Roku, this solution saves you from buying anything else, and it won’t break your budget. Don’t forget: the Roku is among our favorite streaming media players. Thoughtful features like the remote headphone jack, which you won’t find on any other player, are one of the reasons why. If you’re in the market for a new streaming media player, the Roku Ultra includes a remote with a headphone jack, or you can buy the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote ($29.99 on Roku) separately for certain Roku models.

Price: $99.99 on Roku, check price on Amazon

Updated on 1/16/2019

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