6 Futuristic smart home gadgets you need to see


Some of the tech we have today seemed impossible only five years ago. This rapid rate of advance is set to continue, meaning gadgets that look futuristic today will be on the shelves tomorrow. Here are six of our recent favorites.

Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting Kits

It seems possible that regular light bulbs could soon become obsolete. In their place, we will probably use something like the Nanoleaf Aurora lighting kits. These beautiful LED panels stick to any surface, and you can control them via Wi-Fi.

MirraViz UltraBright MultiView Screen

Revealed at CES 2018, the MultiView Screen offers a unique viewing experience. It allows two people to see different pictures on the same screen without glasses. It’s also up to 200 times brighter than regular projector screens.

Tetra Connected Countertop Dishwasher

Ever seen a countertop dishwasher? Thought not. This connected device can clean around 10 plates in 10 minutes, making it ideal for small households. It also uses ohmic array technology to heat the water efficiently.

Misty II Advanced Personal Robot

While intelligent robots have a long way to go, Misty II is certainly impressive. This little bot acts as a roving search engine. In addition, she can greet guests and help you control other smart home devices.

Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects

Before long, canvas won’t be the only medium for art. These digital displays allow you to display images, GIFs and videos on your wall on a continuous loop. You can even download new art from other users.

Vimana Smart Parenting Device

The next generation will be more digital than ever before, so parents need to catch up. Vimana helps you monitor and control how long your kids spend online, while protecting their young eyes from mature content.

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