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Online security continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Following high-profile security scandals and Facebook leaks, many people are becoming savvier when it comes to their online data than they were in the past. Likewise, we are beginning to take matters into our own hands rather than trusting big tech companies.

Filegear is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to maintain tight control over their data. By turning your local drives into private cloud storage, the desktop hub lets you store your files at home yet access them from any location.

Whenever you upload a file to Dropbox or Google Drive, your valuable data is moved onto servers operated by those companies. You can picture it as taking your most valued possessions and storing them in a self-storage locker. However, the owner of the site also has their own key.

Filegear, on the other hand, allows you to store your files at home. Complete with multiple ports, the personal cloud storage device lets you connect every single drive you possess to make backing up your data as easy as possible.

Filegear also automatically organizes the files from all of your devices so you can easily see everything in a single library. To top it off, the device connects to your home network to offer secure online access.

Setting up Filegear is quite easy. All you have to do is plug in the power cord and an Ethernet connection or simply connect the device to Wi-Fi. Then, attach any storage space you require. Thanks to its five USB ports, this leaves you with plenty of options. Moreover, Filegear also works with wireless NAS drives.

Your personal cloud is easily accessible once the hardware is connected. Filegear allows you to sort your files through a desktop interface that resembles Google Drive. In addition, you can download mobile apps for access on the move.

Using TLS encryption algorithms, Filegear keeps your data secure. It also doesn’t charge any service fees, eliminating any need for a monthly subscription.

Suitable for creative pros and individuals who need to store lots of data, Filegear can save a lot of money in the long run.

If the convenience of cloud storage appeals to you, but the thought of passing on your personal data doesn’t, Filegear is definitely something you should try. The connected hub makes it easier than ever to access your files at any time and on any device.

Even though Filegear already comes with plenty of impressive features, there are still more exciting ones on the way, including downloadable desktop apps and AI auto-tagging.

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