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Founded in 2003 by Serguei Beloussov, Stanislav Protassov, Max Tsyplyaev, and Ilya Zubarev, Acronis International GmbH is a backup and disaster recovery software company. Acronis offers software for the backup of entire servers or specific files, robust system recovery software, and custom file synchronization solutions. Their software is available for on-premise installation (managed internally), or as part of Acronis cloud services (managed by Acronis).

Contact information

Phone: (781) 782-9000 (USA)
(41) 526302800 (Switzerland)
Fax: (781) 782-9001 (USA)
(41) 526302899 (Switzerland)
TDD/TTY: None or unknown
Support: Contact support
FTP: None or unknown
Address: Acronis
Rheinweg 9, 8200
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Stock: None

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