Amazon Key Service Deliver Packages Inside your Home


Last year, 11 million households reported stolen packages, and in a survey of people who’ve experience package theft, nearly 70 percent said they’d prefer a delivery service to enter their home to deliver a package. Would you let a stranger enter your home to deliver a package when you’re away? Amazon is betting on it with its new Amazon Key service, and with good reason.

The Amazon Key service works with Amazon’s new internet-connect Cloud Cam security camera and your smart lock to let the company’s delivery drivers leave packages inside your home rather than on your doorstep. To use it, you simply select in-home delivery as the shipping option. When the delivery driver arrives at your home, Amazon authorizes the delivery, unlocks the door and turns on your Cloud Cam to record the delivery. You’ll get a notification on your smartphone the morning of the delivery with a delivery window and another notification when the delivery driver arrives, so you can watch live when your package is delivered. When the driver leaves, your door will lock and you’ll get another notification saying the delivery was completed.