Apps for Turning New Year's Resolutions Into Reality


Do you wind up sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? It’s not easy to do – a lot of us choose major resolutions like getting in shape, lose weight, traveling and saving more money. A study by U.S. News and World Report finds that 80% of people fail by February.

Fortunately, these days you have your choice of a number of great smartphone apps that can help keep your resolution on track. They won’t do all the work for you, but by picking up some of the load, you’re far more likely to meet with success this year. Here’s a list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, with the apps best suited to help you accomplish each goal.

If you resolved to save more or spend less: Mint

You don’t have to know a lot about personal finance to get yours under control with Mint. All you have to do is connect Mint to your financial accounts — don’t worry, Mint is verified to be secure by TRUSTe and VeriSign — and then Mint will analyze your spending to help you set a budget, remind you of due dates and suggest ways you can save more.

Mint does all the heavy lifting for you, so meeting your goals may be as easy as paying attention to its easy-to-read reports, charts and reminders. The way Mint visualizes your spending data makes it easy to get a handle on what you’re spending, so you can cut back and put more into your savings account each month.

Price: Free on the web, App Store, and Google Play

If you resolved to get fit: DailyBurn


Sure, a gym membership might help you get fit — but making time to get to the gym can be tough, so your get-fit resolution could be abandoned before spring. This year, try a different route with DailyBurn, which offers a wide variety of workout routines in video format available on your computer, iPhone, Android or even a television with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or other smart TV devices.

The big benefit of DailyBurn is its variety, with 1,000+ workouts that range from 10 minutes to an hour long covering activities from dance to kettlebell to intense cardio. You’ll never be bored. And you never need to spend time hunting for a workout, either; DailyBurn helps you pick the right workout program and then automatically queues up the next video whenever you login (though you can try something new whenever you want).

Price: Free 30-day trial; $19.95 per month on the web, at App Store or Google Play

If you resolved to lose weight: Lose It!

Lose It!

Beyond exercise, one of the big challenges of losing weight is keeping track of your eating habits — so why not make use of the smartphone you already carry with you every day? Lose It! makes it easy to create your customized weight loss plan by helping you set goals, plan a calorie budget and track your progress. Then stay motivated by connecting with friends or join a public weight-loss or wellness challenge.

The app has a food database that makes recording what you’ve eaten as easy as clicking on an item in the database or scanning the barcode on a package. And it works with other workout and fitness apps to track your complete health progress, beyond counting calories.

Price: Free on the web, App Store, Google Play, or $40 per year (more detailed tracking and information) for a premium membership

If you resolved to quit smoking: QuitNow!


If you’ve finally decided it’s time to quit smoking, congratulations! But when it comes to quitting and staying away from cigarettes, you may want a helping hand in the form of QuitNow!.

The app will keep track of the time since your last cigarette, the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided, the money you’ve saved and the time you’ve saved on smoke breaks since giving up your smoking habit. As you progress, QuitNow! lets you know the health benefits you’re getting by cutting smoking out of your life. And you can share your progress with friends or chat with other quitters.

Price: Free on App Store, Google Play; or $3.99 (no ads, more health information) at App Store or $3.95 at Google Play

If you resolved to learn something exciting: YouTube

TED Talks on YouTube

Looking to expand your mind in 2019? Our favorite app to help learn a new skill or information is YouTube. You can use the streaming video app to learn how to fix minor issues with my car, make home repairs and unlock secrets in your favorite video games. It’s especially perfect if you’re the type who learns by watching others do.

If you’re looking for a place to start on YouTube, you might want to check out Ted Talks or the Top Trending videos of 2018. Then, consider taking a free video course from some of the country’s top universities. With over 100 hours of new video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, you’re sure to learn something – if only you’re willing to look.

Price: Free on App Store and Google Play

If you resolved to build new healthy routines: Fabulous – Daily Motivation

Fabulous - Daily Motivation

If you’re the type to make multiple New Year’s resolutions, you might want to check out Fabulous – Daily Motivation. Based on research conducted by the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, the app aims to help you become “happier, healthier and wiser.” 

Choose your goals, including getting more sleep, having better focus, losing weight or increasing your energy. Then the app steps you through small changes you can make to your daily routine so you can achieve them. 

Price: 7-day free trial, then $4.17 per week on App Store or Google Play.

Here’s to a happy new year — with all of our yearly resolutions kept!

[Image credits: New Year, New You! via Shutterstock, apps: Mint, DailyBurn, Lose It!, QuitNow!,YouTube, Fabulous SAS]

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