Believe It Or Not: This Alligator Is Alive


This may be a tech-blog, but sometimes a story is just too interesting not to write about. That’s certainly the case here as one look at the Alligator in the picture brings sorrow to most as they assume the reptile froze to death, but that’s not actually the case.

In fact, no one can blame you for thinking the animal is no longer alive, but it turns out Alligators use this as smart way to survive the frigid temperatures. By intentionally poking their heads through the water before it freezes over, Alligators allow themselves to continue breathing.

It’s a process that’s known as brumation, reptiles slow their metabolism and breathing significantly allowing them to survive freezing temperatures. It’s essentially hibernation, though that term specifically only applies to mammals (those greedy-greedy mammals).

So don’t worry, once the temperature warms up a bit, the gators will crash through the surface and be back to terrorizing golf courses in no time.

[ Newsday ]

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