Best Huawei Honor 9 accessories


Earlier today we took a look at the best Huawei Honor 9 cases, and now it’s time to check up on the best accessories available for this rapidly popular budget flagship. Let’s get right into our recommendations!

5. Olixar USB-C Cable Starter Pack

Olixar Multi-length USB-C Charging Cable - 4 Pack

Got your first USB-C smartphone? Awesome, welcome to the club! Before you begin, you may find it helpful to start your transition from Micro USB or Lightning cables to USB-C cables. For that reason, we’ve made the USB-C Cable Starter Pack, which provides three USB-C cables of different lengths and a Micro USB to USB-C adapter, ensuring you’ll always be able to charge your phone or connect it to a computer, no matter where you are.

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4. Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad

Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad

This special pad clings onto your dashboard and allows your phone to cling onto it, preventing it from sliding off through incredible friction rather than an adhesive, allowing it to be used for extended periods without leaving residue on your car, phone or hands. Over 350 people have reviewed the Tree Frog and have given it better than 90% on average, so if you’re intrigued then give it a go for yourself.

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3. Olixar Powercharge 15Ah Portable Charger

Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

This power bank isn’t messing around, as it provides 15,000 mAh of power in one compact design. That’s enough power to recharge your phone almost five times, allowing you to last a week or more before visiting a mains plug to recharge. The PowerCharge includes an integrated Micro USB cable, which works excellently with the Micro USB to USB-C adapter I mentioned earlier.

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2. Lexar 64GB Micro SD card

Lexar 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter - Class 10

Double your available storage with this cheap 64GB Micro SD card from Lexar. The card gives you 64GB of fast Speed Class 10 storage at a reasonable price. It’s perfect for anyone that likes to keep plenty of photos, apps, music and other files on their phone without needing to delete things all the time. This Honor 9 memory card also comes with a full-size SD card adapter, allowing it to be used in cameras and other devices that take full-size SD cards.

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1. Kidigi USB-C Desktop Charging Dock

After you get a dock for your phone, you’ll never want to go back. This is by far the easiest way to keep your phone charged up, whether you’re keeping the dock on your nightstand to charge overnight or topping up at your office desk during the day. Either way, you’ll appreciate the easy USB-C connection, the convenient angle for keeping an eye on notifications and the sleek design. This Honor 9 dock is a fitting end to our list, and an essential purchase for any Honor 9 owner!

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Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article! If you haven’t already, take a look at our recommendations for Honor 9 cases. Thanks and have a great night!

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