Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor [2019]



Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

  • Compatible with smart devices for ease of improving air quality
  • Free app is compatible with all phones and gives you plenty of helpful information
  • Attractive design integrates well with your home’s décor

The Awair 2nd Edition is the right blend of accuracy, relevant information, connectivity, and ease of use. You get an attractive monitor that you can display anywhere in your home, plenty of data to help you determine your air quality, and the ability to connect with smart devices in your home that can improve your air’s breathability.

Ecowitt WH0290 Air Quality Monitor

  • Large LED display gives you all relevant information at a glance
  • Tracks PM2.5 particulates, which are most troublesome for those with respiratory conditions
  • Easy-to-use monitor that can go anywhere you do

This simple but effective Ecowitt WH0290 Air Quality Monitor makes our list for its ease of use and its straightforward design. You don’t need anything extra, including a mobile app, to use this monitor, and you get plenty of helpful information from this simple tool. Its small size makes it perfect for taking with you anywhere you need to go so that you will always have a handle on your air quality measures.

The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor 9-in-1 gives detailed data on an impressive nine separate measures of air quality, which helps you stay on top of your home’s health and safety. The data is richly displayed on the available app and can be used to trigger a wide range of events from your integrated devices and tools. This device is easy to use, nice to look at, and gives you the most extensive range of options and features of any on our list.

How We Picked

Air quality is essential for everyone, but it is especially crucial for those who have problems with their breathing. Allergies, asthma, COPD, emphysema, and other upper respiratory conditions can make you sensitive to environmental changes as well as pollution and particulates in the air. Keeping tabs on what is happening to the air inside your home is one way you can stay healthy and protect your delicate airways.

Air quality monitors measure numerous factors that influence the air you breathe. The models we chose for our list represent a wide range of what is available today, including those that detect deadly and harmful chemicals, aggravating particulates, and other pollutants. We selected those that are rated as the most accurate in their class, ensuring that the data you receive from our list of top ten choices can help you make the most informed decisions about your home and health.

We analyzed all the available data on our top picks, including customer ratings, industry tests, and specifications from the manufacturer, as well as other online reviews and rankings. We selected our list from the most widely recognized and recommended models to offer you a variety of options to meet any budget or help those with a variety of healthcare needs. Our list of the top ten best indoor air quality monitors gives you choices among the best of the best for selecting a monitor that is right for you and your family.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

  • Monitors PM2.5, VOCs, CO2, humidity, and temperature
  • Connects via app for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with smart home devices

The newest edition of Awair’s air quality monitor has some impressive updates that make this product a consistent leader in its field.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

Among the many air quality factors that this monitor keeps tabs on are temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals, and dust. You can monitor your home’s levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are gasses that are emitted from solids or liquids. These chemicals off-gas from various products in your house, where concentrations are highest indoors.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor and smartphone

The second edition of this model also includes the ability to monitor fine dust particulates less than 2.5 microns in size, which are those most likely to aggravate respiratory problems.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor in bedroom

The LED display of the Awair shows numerical readings for all the levels it can track, and it combines these into a numerical score that tells you the overall air quality inside your space.