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If you’ve recently upgraded to the new iPhone 12 mini or are planning too, you’ll certainly want to keep your new invested protected and in pristine condition.

Now you may have heard that the iPhone 12 series of handsets including the iPhone 12 mini feature Apple’s new Ceramic Shield technology, which Apple say is tougher than any other smartphone glass out there. This may well be true, however the downside of this is that the iPhone 12 mini’s display is much easier to scratch then ever before.

With that in mind we tested out and shortlisted the best iPhone 12 mini screen protectors.

1. Olixar iPhone 12 mini Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Black

By far the most popular type of screen protector on the market is tempered glass, thanks to the superior protection they provide to smartphones. This iPhone 12 mini glass protector by Olixar offers protection against scratching, impacts and drops. In terms of visibility and screen sensitivity, once applied we found that there weren’t any issues with either. Additionally it works with Apple’s Face ID technology flawlessly.

Available for £14.99 / $16.49

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2. Ocushield iPhone 12 mini Anti-Blue Light Glass Screen Protector

Next up we have the Ocushield iPhone 12 mini Ant-Blue Light screen protector, which is also made from tempered glass, however with a slight difference. Ocushield have built in an anti-blue light filter which has been medically rated to prevent eye strain, with the overall goal of improving your sleep. Protection wise this screen protector will guard your iPhone 12 mini against accidentl drops, impacts and scratching. Additionally we found installation extremely easy thanks to the unique application tool Ocushield have provided in the box.

Available for £24.99 / $27.49

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3. Olixar Front And Back iPhone 12 mini TPU Screen Protectors

This Olixar pack of front and back screen protectors for the iPhone 12 mini is a great alternative to fitting a case. Made from TPU, these film protectors will ensure both the front and back of your iPhone 12 mini is kept scratch-free, whilst also protecting against light impacts. Once applied the screen protector inter-lock together for a seamless and full cover fit, meaning they’ll be barely noticeably. Being made from ultra-thin film, when it came to testing screen sensitivity and visibility there no problems.

Available for £12.99 / $14.49

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4. Whitestone iPhone 12 mini Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The third of the tempered glass screen protectors in our test, however this Whitestone Dome Glass comes with a twist. Being made from 9H rated tempered glass, you can expect protection for your iPhone 12 mini’s 5.4″ display from both scratching and shock. The difference with this protector comes when it’s time to apply as it requires the use of the provided UV adhesive and a UV curing lamp, which can make installation quite tricky, especially if you want it to be perfect.

Available for £44.99 / $48.99

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5. RhinoShield iPhone 12 mini 3D Edge to Edge Impact Screen Protector

The final screen protector to feature in our shortlist is the RhinoShield iPhone 12 mini Edge to Edge Impact screen protector. As the name suggests it will protect your iPhone 12 mini from knocks, accidental drops and shock. Additionally, a welcome feature of this sreen protector is that it provides full edge to edge coverage of the iPhone 12 mini’s display, which means the corners (which are the most vunerable areas) are guarded against any damage.

Available for £29.99 / $32.99

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Wrapping Up & Recommendations

If you find that you’re a person that drops their iPhone 12 mini quite regularly then I’d certainly recommend opting for the Olixar iPhone 12 mini tempered glass screen protector as it will safeguard your 12 mini’s display. Additionally if the screen protector were to break, it’s also cheap enough to replace without breaking the bank.

On the other hand if you prefer a much more OEM factory like application and are confident you won’t drop your phone often then either the RhinoShield Edge to Edge Impact Protector or the Olixar Front And Back iPhone 12 mini TPU Screen Protectors.

Thanks for reading this roundup on the best iPhone 12 mini sreen protectors. We hope that you found this useful and found a new case that meets all of your requirements. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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