Best iPhone XR Cases Clear


Finally, we can all pre-order our new iPhone XR from the Apple website! The color choice is huge! From the vibrant blues and yellows to the more conventional white and black the Apple iPhone XR has a color pallet to match you. Luckily when it comes to casing up your XR, choice is what you have. We have selected the top 10 iPhone XR clear cases that are 100% clear allowing for your chosen color to shine through. Great idea, right? Find below your next iPhone XR clear case from MobileFun.

1. Olixar Ultra-Thin Case – 100% Clear

olixar xr clear case

Simple and effective the Olixar Ultra Thin case is crystal clear, providing all round protection from small drops and scratches. A great feature that Olixar have tough of is a ‘matrix dot pattern’ this prevents the case from moisture build up and stops watermarking, which looks really ugly. A great budget all-rounder case that will go nicely with your iPhone XR.

2. Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case – Black

olixar novashield clear black iphone xr bumper case

More protection from Olixar. The Novashield Bumper case looks so modern and sleek! We love this simplistic case as it matches the iPhone XR perfectly. The gloss black bumper covers the edges of the device protecting it from drops. In addition there is a clear TPU cover that is 100% transparent allowing for the XR’s color to glow. Sadly this bumper case only comes in black, no other color options which is the only downside.

3. Ghostek Atomic Slim 2 Tough Case – Red


A more advanced bumper case the Ghostek Atomic Slim 2 is tougher than ever. The Atomic Slim 2 is a bumper case which mainly focuses on protecting the edges of your iPhone XR. With a stylish two tone color scheme the Atomic Slim 2 case will add even more color to your iPhone XR, it will look good with the red or why not mix it up!

4. Ghostek Exec 3 Series Wallet Case – Black

Ghostek Exec 3 Series Wallet Case - Black

A desirable case from Ghostek, the Exec 3 series wallet case. Exec 3 combines all round tough bumper protection that includes a separate wallet case. Ideal for storing cash, coins and cards it’s a great addition to have. The wallet can also be taken off for whenever you want to. One drawback is that half of the case will cover the iPhone XR’s phone color, but the negatives outweigh the positives. Great idea from Ghostek.

5. Rearth Ringke Air 3-in-1 Kit – Clear


Leading the way in utility cases is Ringke with their new Ringke Air 3-in-1-kit case. 100% crystal clear and ultra slim this case will accompany your iPhone XR beautifully. The additional attachments to this case include a handy wallet and wrist strap. All additional features of this case can be removed if you wish.

6. Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Shell Case – Pink

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone XR Shell Case - Pink

Right we know this Spigen case isn’t completely clear but we though that you might like it. Adding a little bling to your iPhone XR is always a good thing. This iPhone XR case is perfect for a standard colored iPhone like black or white as it still allows for the phones color to shine through but with added sparkle! This Spigen range of cases for the XR are designed to be ultra slim which is great if you like the feel of the iPhone XR.

7. UAG Plyo Tough Protective Case – Ice

UAG Plyo iPhone XR Tough Protective Case - Ice

Urban Armour Gear semi-transparent tough case is super sleek. Each UAG Plyo case features reinforced air-soft cushioned corners that protect the XR from drops. Included in the design is a super tough honeycomb structure which is great for shock protection. Looks tough and sleek.

8. Ghostek Cloak 4 iPhone XR Tough Case – Clear / Red

Ghostek Cloak 4 iPhone XR Tough Case - Clear / Red

Seriously good looking, the Ghostek Cloak 4 iPhone XR case. Super slim ultra tough bumper case with a rear window that protects from scratches. Designed to protect your iPhone XR from drop the innovative design has been specially tested to provide outstanding drop protection. Sleek side gel covers protect the XR’s buttons from damage whilst showing the colored edging. A great contrast case if you’re going for a red iPhone XR.

9. Otterbox Pursuit Series Tough Case – Black / Clear

Otterbox Pursuit Series iPhone XR Tough Case - Black / Clear

Crafted from hard TPU the Otterbox bumper case is a great choice when looking to protect your XR. With its sleek glossy black stiffened edged bumper, you will get optimal protection with this case. The rear window is crystal clear and ultra thin. Great simple bumper case for your XR.

10. Tech21 Evo Check Case – Smokey / Black


Not so clear but still a great contender is the Tech21 Evo Check iPhone XR case. This case is not 100% clear but we thought it would be nice to add in. The case is still translucent with a smokey black color, one great advantage to this case is that if you want to dull down the color of your XR this case will do a great job at that. Check out this Tech21 Evo Check case today on MobileFun.