Best of Xbox Game Pass – Sniper Elite 4


Welcome to Best of Xbox Game Pass where each week I’m going to pick out a game available on Game Pass and explain why I think it is worth playing. While I’ll certainly include some of the bigger titles available on the service, I’ll focus more on other games that you might have overlooked in the hope of leading you to a hidden gem

Look, I’m like 60% certain that I’m not a psychopath with a lust for extreme violence, but I also can’t die that something about brutal X-ray views of innards becoming outtards and spleens being exploded gives me a warm, tingly sensation. It’s for that reason that the manic action of the new Mortal Kombat games is so engaging to me, and it’s at least partially why this week I’m recommending to you Sniper Elite 4, a game that delivers glorious slot-motion shots of bullets obliterating testicles and intestines alike. But, y’know, the rest of the game is pretty good, too.

You’re a sniper named Karl Fairbourne and the fact that Karl has been in three previous adventures doesn’t matter one bit. Sniper Elite is not about story and I couldn’t even begin to tell you what the first three games were about despite having played them all. What I can tell you is this one takes place in luscious Italy and features reasonably open levels in which to ply your long-range trade of delivering small metal objects into squishy objects at high velocity. How easy or realistic you want the act of sniping to be is up to you, as is whether you’d like to see the slow-motion X-ray shots of your bullets reducing Nazi muscles and bone into mush. Regardless of those choices the act of picking off foes from a distance is satisfying and fun, as is timing your shots to a misfiring engine or a plane flying overhead.