Best OnePlus 8 Pro Screen Protectors


If you’ve upgraded to the OnePlus 8 Pro recently, you’ll know it features a stunning 6.78″ QHD+ display. To help you out, we’ve tested the best screen protectors available for the 8 Pro and how to keep it protected.

1. Olixar OnePlus 8 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Black

Tempered glass offers the highest level of screen protection when it come’s to smartphones and this glass screen protector from Olixar is no different. Impressively the screen protector is super thin at 0.27mm and so once applied you can barely notice it’s there, yet have the added benefit of protection from scratches, drops and shock. We also found that screen protector did not cause any issues with the screen sensitivity and most importantly the OnePlus 8 Pro in-screen finger print reader.

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2. PanzerGlass Case Friendly OnePlus 8 Pro Glass Screen Protector – Black

Another glass screen protector to feature, however with the added convenience of case compatibility meaning you’ll be able to apply the majority of cases in the market, without causing the screen protector to crack or lift. In terms of protection you can expect the highest level of protection as expected from any glass protector from PanzerGlass.

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3. Olixar OnePlus 8 Pro Privacy TPU Film Screen Protector – 2-In-1 Pack

A scratch resistant film screen protector with a difference. This Olixar OnePlus 8 Pro privacy screen protector has been designed to help protect your privacy and confidential data on your phone from anyone near by, making it especially useful when you’re on public transport or in a busy environment. We found when viewing from an angle, the display appears to be black, yet when viewed straight on the display appears transparent, allowing you to use your phone as you would with a regular screen protector. For added value, Olixar have included two screen protectors in this pack.

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4. Olixar OnePlus 8 Pro Film Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack

If you’re not a fan of glass screen protectors but still want to keep your OnePlus 8 Pro’s display protected, then this twin pack of Olixar TPU film screen protectors is the perfect solution. Practically invisible once applied, the Olixar film screen protector will provide protection from light scratching, helping to keep that 6.78″ display in as new condition. Easy to the apply the screen protectors will not effect your 8 Pro’s screen sensitivity or clarity.

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5. Olixar Oneplus 8 Pro Tempered Glass Camera Protectors – Twin Pack

With camera modules becoming larger as phones develop, there’s no wonder you’ll want to keep the module on the OnePlus 8 Pro protected. Designed to be ultra thin, the tough 9H rated glass camera protector provides protection against scratching and drops. Most importantly, you’ll be able to continue taking amazing photos, as the camera protector ensures image clarity is not effected, even when the flash is in use.

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Wrapping Up!

That concludes our round-up on the best OnePlus 8 Pro Screen Protectors,. If you’d like to purchase of the screen protectors featured above, you can do so by clicking on the buy here buttons. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out about the best OnePlus 8 Pro available, you can do so by clicking here.

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