Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Slim Cases


With technology getting thinner and thinner each year, the last thing you’ll want to do is over bulk your S9 Plus with a thick, rugged case. You will however still likely need to protect your precious new phone and that’s where our range of fantastic thin S9 Plus cases come to the fore. Our selection features a wide variety of styles and brands, all with one thing in common, a super slim build that will keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus looking and feeling the way Samsung intended.

1. Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

Super-thin and from a brand we all know and love, the Thin Fit continues to be the case of choice for S9 Plus owners looking to get their slim fix, while still protecting their phone from light knocks and bumps.

spigen thin fit s9

2. Olixar MeshTex Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

A more stylish option now, the MeshTex from Olixar comes in with the thinnest build, but still manages to pack a powerful punch that’s filled with style. The brazen red colour really pops and adds to your S9 Plus’ style no end, making it a top choice for those after thin and bold protection.

Olixar Meshtex S9 Plus Case Olixar Meshtex S9 Case

3. Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Silicone Cover

Samsung always produce some fine accompanying cases with each phone the release and their range for the S9 and S9 Plus is no different. The Silicone cover continues to be a popular choice thanks to its slim design and sleek in hand feel

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Silicone Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 Silicone Cover

4. OtterBox Clearly Protected Samsung S9 Plus Case

One of the best clear cases you can buy, the Clearly Protected from OtterBox is also one of the best slim cases you can get too! This combination equates to some premium protection that you’ll barely notice at all, making it a top pick for anyone after a case that will allow their S9 Plus to shine through.

OtterBox Clearly Protected Skin S9 Plus Case OtterBox Clearly Protected Skin S9 Case

5. Olixar FlexiShield Samsung S9 Plus Gel Case

We finish with the FlexiShield from Olixar now and what a case to end with. The FlexiShield cases come with a burst of colour that really add to and enhance your S9 Plus’ unique styling. We love the colour matched Lilac Purple FlexiShield the best as it looks incredible on and feels amazing in-hand.

Olixar FlexiShield S9 Plus Case Olixar FlexiShield S9 Case