Best Wireless Keyboard [2019]


Best Overall: Logitech G613
It was close between the G613 and the Corsair K63, but the G613 squeaked by because of its full-size design and long battery life. While it doesn’t have all the flair of some of the other keyboards, it offers some of the best wireless connections (Bluetooth + RF) while providing a 1ms lag rate when connected using the LIGHTSPEED connection. Plus, it’s a sub-$100 keyboard with mechanical keys and macro-programmable keys too.

Best Compact Wireless Keyboard: Corsair K63
And while it didn’t make the best overall wireless keyboard option, it still managed to make the list. There were only two knocks against it being left out of the Best Overall category: size and power consumption. But for this category, size matters and the K63 is just the right size. And while the keyboard uses a ton of power, it looks great doing it. If you don’t mind charging it regularly, you’ll love the compact K63 from Corsair.

Best Budget Combo: Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo
While this list is primarily about keyboards, some of the options threw in a mouse too. It just so happens that the Logitech MK345 wireless combo came out on top. At less than $50, it stole the show. Not only did they give you a keyboard that can last for up to four years on a single pair of batteries, but they gave you a mouse that’ll last one-and-a-half years on a single battery too. This is a great option for any workplace or home/office configuration.

How We Picked

Cords are everywhere! Power cords for your computer, monitors, printers, and scanners. Video cables for your monitors. USB cords for your printers, scanners, mouse, and keyboard. Even CAT5/6 cables for your internet connection (if you aren’t using a wireless adapter). That’s a lot of cables and cords! In fact, just using that list you would have ten different cables that you would have to manage somehow.

Well, it’s time to start getting rid of some of those cords today! By finding a wireless keyboard and/or wireless keyboard/mouse option, you can start to declutter your workstation and/or desk in a matter of minutes.

The question then becomes … “which wireless keyboard should I get?”

Today, we’re going to address that question and so many more. We’ve put together a list of the best wireless keyboards right now. Some start out under $50 while some come close to the $200 mark. We’ll discuss each one, explain why they cost what they do, and why we like them. In the end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one that will be perfect for you.

So, are you ready to see the best wireless keyboards for 2019?

#1 Logitech G613

  • Specs:
  • Size: Full Size
  • Key Type: Mechanical
  • Wireless Connection: 2.4GHz (RF) + Bluetooth

Logitech has been around for a long time, creating a lot of components that we’ve learned to trust on a daily basis. And the Logitech G613 wireless keyboard is a worthy competitor.

Logitech G613 unboxed

Right out of the box, this is a big, basic looking keyboard. It’s a full-sized wireless keyboard with an attached wrist rest that’s about half the height of the keyboard itself. On a desktop, you’ll need a little extra space or it’ll hang off the edge. But, the size is actually very comfortable on a lap and the attached wrist rest makes it much easier to use in non-standard locations such as your lap. The keyboard does have two adjustable legs that allow you to move flat to slightly elevated in a matter of seconds (it’s either up or down).

Logitech G613 side

Powering the G613 is simple by using 2 “AA” batteries that are easily accessible from the bottom of the wireless keyboard. According to Logitech, the G613 can last up to 18 months on a single pair of “AA” batteries. It would be nice to know if that’s on the LIGHTSPEED wireless connection or the Bluetooth connection.

Logitech G613 custom keys

On that point, there are two connection methods. One is called LIGHTSPEED and it boasts of a 1ms lag rate, which is unheard of when it comes to wireless devices. The other connection method is Bluetooth and it’s got a slightly longer delay so it cannot be used for high-intensity gaming situation (sorry guys).

The LIGHTSPEED connection uses a lot more power so it’s pretty safe to say that the keyboard won’t last up to 18 months if used in that configuration. To save power, the G613 abstains from the use of lights (except for identifying Bluetooth or LIGHTSPEED connection). They don’t even include a CAPS Lock led in the name of power saving. For those who want to squeeze every ounce of power out of the G613, there’s a power switch on the right side for each accessibility.

Logitech G613 side keys

Earlier, we described this as a basic looking keyboard. And from appearances, it’s nothing special. However, Logitech managed to create a mechanical keyboard using specialized Romer-G mechanical keys. These are tactile switches that have an extremely short “response” distance of 1.5mm. Under durability testing, Logitech says that the click-life is around 70+ million.

Logitech G613 box

And they’ve managed to load some gaming features into the G613 too with programmable keys called G-Keys. There are six G-Keys that can be programmed using specialized software from Logitech called G HUB. Plus, the macros can be programmed per app or game for greater flexibility and control.

What We Like

Honestly, we’ve never considered a wireless keyboard for any gaming applications, but the G613 with the G-Romer mechanical keys and the LIGHTSPEED wireless connection with a 1ms delay has made us reconsider. We’re not professional gamers, so the 1ms is more than sufficient for all the games we play.