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Please stand by! Bethesda is one of the first conferences off the rank at E3 2018 and considering Bethesda has already committed to showing off the recently announced Fallout 76, you can expect a big one.



Right here! We’ll be embedding the livestream from our colleagues at GameSpot, so you can follow along in real-time. (Head here for E3’s full schedule of press conferences.)

Alternately, you can watch on Bethesda’s YouTube channel or Twitch channel. 

The event itself is happening in Los Angeles, and the CNET team will be there on the ground.

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E3 2018 preview


What can we expect?

Most likely we’ll see a lot. Here’s what we’re expecting

  • A massive presence for Fallout 76
    When Bethesda showcased Fallout 4 at E3 it went all out. We’re expecting something similar this year with Fallout 76. Rumours state the game is an online experience, similar to DayZ
  • Rage 2 will be exciting, bizarre and bold
    The original Rage was a disappointment, but this time round could be different. Rage 2 is being developed by the team behind Just Cause. This is a good thing.
  • Arkane’s next game?
    It’s possible? We’re calling this a 50/50 at this point. Word is the developer behind Dishonored and the Prey reboot is working on something interesting. It could make its debut, but Bethesda already has a packed show.
  • A bunch of other stuff
    Bethesda typically uses its E3 show to promote the properties we aren’t quite as interested in. Like Elder Scrolls Online, Elder Scrolls Legends. Basically a lot of things that aren’t the next proper Elder Scrolls game. 

Ah well, maybe next year!

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