Building an Apex Legends- Friendly PC on a Budget

Apex Legends, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of it, Respawns battle royale behemoth making waves in the multiplayer and streaming scene, but what does it take to run it? how budget friendly can you be when speccing up a PC to smoothly play this new gaming phenom? Let’s find out…

Apex Legends recommended specs are

  • 3rd gen core i5 processor,
  • A second to top tier Maxwell GTX 970 or a GCN 2.0 R9 290
  • 8GB of RAM

Fairly respectable specs, these are the recommended settings to run at least 60FPS, Medium, 1080p, roughly where the console equivalents would be let’s see what can we get from current generation hardware to beat that target.

Our first build is for streamers on a £500/$550 budget, we aim to hit High settings with at least 60-70fps at 1080p while streaming. Our second build is catering for the ultra spec gamers on a tight budget we’re aiming to hit £700/$750 with the aim of 1440p High settings 60fps or mixed settings for 1080p with 100+fps. Finally, our third build is as budget-friendly as you can get.

Apex Legends PC Build 1 – All AMD

  • CPU – First-gen AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (3GHz- 3.7GHz boost, 8C/16T) – £140/$175
  • Motherboard – ASRock B450m-HDV – £55/$70
  • Cooler – Stock – £0/$0
  • GPU – ASUS ROG RX 570 4GB – £140/$175
  • RAM – 2 x Corsair Vengence LP 4GB 2666MHz – £50/$65
  • Storage – 120GB Kingston SSD + Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD – £18/$22 + £35/$45
  • Case – Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L – £40/$50
  • PSU – beQuiet! System Power 8 400w – £37/$48

Build Total: £517.50/$681


We’re £17.50/$23 over budget here, but that can be remedied by cutting out the SSD we’re using for a boot drive and sticking to a free OS as mentioned above, its not something we’d recommend but if you’re dead set on playing and streaming Apex Legends at high 60+fps on a strict £500 limit, it’s definitely attainable.

So, build one down, streamers happy, let’s tackle those of you just playing the game and wanting the sweet taste of ultra settings with our second build.

Apex Legends PC Build 2: Intel + NVIDIA  

  • CPU – 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8400 – £180/$200
  • Motherboard – ASRock H310m HDV – £45/$60
  • Cooler – Arctic Freezer 11 LP – £14/$18
  • GPU – NVIDIA’s GTX 1660ti – £240/$270
  • RAM – 2 x Corsair Vengence LP 4GB 2666MHz – £50/$65
  • Storage – 120GB Kingston SSD + Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD – £27/$36 + £35/$40
  • Case – Phanteks Eclipse P300 – £45/$60
  • PSU – beQuiet! System Power 8 500W – £78/$95

Build Total: £694 pre-shipping

We’re coming in under budget here, maybe use the £6 you saved on some Apex packs? Or spill over budget but a little and grab a bigger HDD or some additional fans?

Bonus Build!

We figured maybe you want something at the most entry level of the range, can we manage it under £400? you’re damn right we can.

Apex Legends PC Build 3: Medium 60FPS 1080p

  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 3 1200 – £65/$80
  • Motherboard – ASRock B350m-HDV – £50/$65
  • Cooler – Stock – £0/$0
  • GPU – Gigabyte RX 570 4GB – £130/$150
  • RAM – 2 x 4GB Ballistix Sport LT set at 2666 MHz – £45/$50
  • Storage – 120GB Kingston SSD – £18/$22
  • Case – BitFenix’s Nova – £27/$35
  • PSU – beQuiet! System Power 8 400w – £37/$45

Build Total: £375


Getting into Apex can be done at almost any reasonable budget if you’re wanting to target the high settings for £500 or max everything at £700 you’ve got a whole host of options. You could even combine the GPU of our second build with the CPU/Motherboard of the first build and have a streaming monster, or slim your budget down and use a Ryzen 3 or i3 and wipe squads out while sliding around happily for under £450. Even under £400 we’ve proven that with the third build on this list. It’s never been easier to piece together a powerful gaming PC.

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