Clutch Caps Are Made For People Who Can’t Finish A Soda


I’m not exactly a decisive person. I don’t know whether I love or hate Marvel movies, Canon’s cameras, or the music of Lady Gaga. But if there’s one subject that I am very passionate about, it’s the idea of people saving cans or bottles to drink later.

Just like with that contraption that came out years ago that you can snap onto a soda can to save for later, Clutch Caps are reusable plastic caps for glass bottles. Now who would need to save a lowly 12 oz of a beverage for later? One 12 oz soda or beer should not be considered a multi-meal beverage. It’s against the natural order of things.

I suppose it works better for its other purpose of capping home brew bottles, but for around $20, you can just buy a real home brew capper and 144 bottle caps.

Each 6 pack will set you back $10. Not unreasonable, but oh-so-unnecessary.

[ Clutch Caps ]

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