Data Loss is Critical to Prevent if You Want to Be Successful in Business and Life


by Kevin on June 24, 2016

Data loss comes from many different factors, although many of these can be predicted and acted upon before they become a huge problem for a business owner. Many of the reasons for the failures include the failure of hardware, system crashes, software corruption, file corruptions, and also data that has not been saved. Employees and even business owners often also take unintentional actions as well such as the accidental deletion of files and also accidentally lose memory sticks and other important pieces of business back up property. There are also some things that cannot be prevented such as natural disasters that lead to data loss, when these occur it is important to make sure that you are able to have a means to recover the data. In addition to these areas another area that is a huge problem is intentional deletion of data by employees, this comes from deletion and also from hard drive formatting.

How Do The Numbers Break Down?

When it comes to data loss 46% of people have lost data in the last 10 years. In addition to that many people think that a hard drive will still work after 5 years but most die within 5 years. One of the worst things about the data loss is that 36% is customer and financial data and this is pivotal to your company. One thing that is also very important to note is that most companies that lose data, approximately 72% of them will shut down within 24 months.

Where is Data Loss The Worst?

When it comes to data loss, the countries that have the most data are the ones that lose the most. In the Netherlands approximately 16.8% of all data is lost, in Germany that number is also very high at 11.4%. In the USA over 25.5% of all data that is out there is lost and that means that it needs to be recovered by best recovery software to protect your company.


How Can I Recover My Data and My Company’s Data?

When you are looking to recover data you need to make sure that you are able to do it from every device. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a great way to make sure that you are able to recover your data as well as recover the data of your customers. EaseUS offers a free program that will ensure that you are able to recover all of your data and ensures that you will not lose your personal information will not be lost. Data Recovery has never been easier with a program like Easeus Recovery Wizard, you will know that you are going to recover all of your data. The program is available for sd data recovery, deletion, OS Crash, Partition Loss, Formatting, Virus Prevention and other issues. EaseUS is considered to be one of the best programs out there by all of the reviews published out there.

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