Dyson V15 Detect Reveals and Removes Hidden Dirt


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If you want proof that your floor is clean, Dyson’s new V15 Detect has the tech to prove it. Not only does the V15 Detect hear when no more dust and dirt is entering the vacuum, but it also uses new laser-detect technology to show you that your floor is clean.

When the sun is shining at a precise angle, I see otherwise hidden dust and cat hair on surfaces in my home. Instead of sunlight, Dyson engineers used a green laser diode built into the cleaner head to show whether there’s anything left on the floor. When the piezo sensor inside the vacuum detects high concentrations of dust, the vacuum automatically increases suction power to remove it. And, a processor counts and identifies microscopic dust particles as they’re removed from your home to show you how clean your home really is.

Here’s how it works: Different size particles enter the vacuum, and the Piezo sensor listens to the vibrations emitted, sending electrical signals to the processor. Dust and debris get captured and go through a 6-stage separation system where they’re counted and sorted the particles by size. This happens 15,000 times per second.

To let you know how much of each size particulate has been picked up, colored bars on the LCD screen at the top of the vacuum show you the accumulation of particles by size. For example, larger than 10 microns are allergens and pollen, above 60 microns is microscopic dust, and above 180 is the size of dust mites. Dyson says the 5-stage advanced filtration technology captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1microns.The V15 Detect also shows other handy info on the LCD screen, such as selected power mode, remaining run time, maintenance reminders, and blockage reports.

Dyson V15 Detect

The V15 Detect is otherwise similar in design and capability to its predecessor, the V11 ($599, check price on Amazon). The V15 Detect has the same suction power (185 AW on Max Mode) and run-time; 60 minutes on ECO and 40 minutes on Auto Mode, depending on the floor type.

The V15 Detect is available now from Dyson for $699.

[Image credit: Dyson]

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