E.P. Lights are the best looking lightbulbs you’ll ever see


by Edwin – on November 24th, 2018

E.P. DesignLab of San Jose knows just how the modern day home is far more than just a place for you to rest after a particularly grueling and challenging day at work. It is also space for you to entertain family and friends, as well as make precious memories. This means sprucing up the home as much as possible within your budget, so why not install some great looking lights as opposed to the regular ones that are in the market? Enter the E.P. Lights, a range of colorful, decorative LED light bulbs which were inspired by the work of the famous abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.

The E.P. Lights are made of high-quality, ultra-clear resin that has been mixed with paint and other colorful fluids, resulting in these signature designs. The cleverly concocted mixture is then injected into a standard glass light bulb, where it will solidify afterward. The moment it hardens, the glass is broken away, and you are left with a unique, one-of-a-kind light bulb which brings together both the world of art and appliance.

Apart from being lovely to look at, there is more than meets the eye where the E.P. Lights are concerned. The bulb will boast of several benefits as it is illuminated by a small LED located at its base, which means it will not be hot to the touch even if it is left on for hours on end. Not only that, it is also shatterproof, and you will also do your bit for the environment as it is made from environmentally friendly materials. To round it off, it lasts even longer compared to incandescent as well as high-efficiency CFL bulbs.

You will find the soft, colorful glow of E.P. Lights to be perfect for ambient lighting and mood setting, and the only drawback that I can think of is the lack of lighting control via a smartphone app which can be found in smart lightbulbs.

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