Feeling the burn? Top fitness accessories for the Note 7


Got a Note 7? Here are five accessories that’ll help you to stay active and achieve your sports and fitness goals, from speakers and headphones to fitness trackers, armbands and bike mounts.

5. Veho M3 SoundBlaster

This portable speaker is the perfect companion for exercise and yoga, and it’s so small you can easily fit it in a pocket. Bring it with you to a secluded spot, and listen to your favourite music or calming, meditative tones. You’ll be impressed at just how much sound quality you can get out of this tiny speaker.

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Universal Armband for Large-Sized Smartphones - Black

4. Universal Armband

This armband makes it easy to run or do other exercise without leaving your smartphone behind (or leaving it bouncing up and down in your pocket). You’ll be able to track your route, keep tabs on your pace, and of course listen to music as well. The armband is adjustable to fit any arm size, and allows you to protect your Note 7 from sweat while keeping its screen fully accessible. There’s even an extra pocket for your keys.

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Olixar Universal Bike Phone Mount

3. Olixar Universal Bike Phone Mount

This handy bike mount makes it easy to keep an eye on your route and pace while biking. You can place your Note 7 right on the handle bars, and have it in portrait or landscape orientation. There’s a quick release button for removing your phone, and the mounting pedestal is compatible with a wide range of bikes.

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KitSound Sport Band Headphones - Black

2. KitSound Sport Band Headphones

These ingenious headphones make it easy to listen to your music and hear updates on your pace while you’re running or doing other exercise. Just slip the band around your head, and run the cable down your back and into your phone. The headphone drivers can be removed from the band when you’re ready to wash it.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 GPS Sports Band - Charcoal Black

1. Samsung Gear Fit2

The Gear Fit2 is Samsung’s latest and greatest fitness tracker, letting you leave your Note 7 at home. The lightweight band includes GPS, motion sensors and a heart-rate monitor, so you’ll be able to track your progress every step of the way. The band can differentiate between different activities, so you’ll be able to see specific stats on the Fit2’s curved AMOLED display.

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