How to connect your iPhone XR to your TV


Connecting your iPhone XR to any TV is so simple with this how to guide. Enhance your phones features by displaying them on any HDTV. Feel the freedom to enjoy any of your favorite TV series on the big screen including YouTube videos, play your favorite games, browse the internet or show off your holiday snaps to family members. HDTV, monitor or projector. We give you the 3 easiest solutions that will allow you to connect your iPhone XR to any TV.

1.  Use a Lightning to HDMI adapter

lightning to hdmi adapters

We’re keeping it simple. This is the easiest way to display your iPhone XR’s live screen to a HDTV. This is called a Lightning to HDMI adapter, which fits into your lightning port at the bottom of the device. Once connected that adapter provides two ports at the other end; 1 x HDMI port that connects to the HDMI port on your TV and a spare Lightning port that allows for device charging. A great portable solution that we highly recommend.

We’ve even made a video for you to watch, check it out below!