How to convert MKV video to AVI in Windows

There are many video converters available for Windows. Some are free, some aren’t, and they’re all a little different. Some programs can convert Matroska Multimedia Container (.MKV) video files to AVI, while other programs can only convert them to .MP4. In this tutorial, we use the WinFF encoder version 1.5.4 running on Windows 10 to convert an MKV video to AVI.

Optional: Install Xvid

The Xvid codec gives you greater options for creating the AVI file if it is installed. Xvid is free to download and use, and the source code is open under the GPL.

The Xvid codec can be downloaded at

Using WinFF

1. Download WinFF at and install it onto your computer.

2. Once WinFF has been downloaded, installed, and opened click the “+ Add” button to add your input video file to the conversion queue.

Adding an input video to the conversion queue in WinFF

3. Select your input .MKF file (or files). Click Open.

Selecting an input video file in WinFF

4. Under the Output Details tab, choose AVI in the Convert to drop-down menu.

Select AVI in the Convert to: dropdown menu

5. Choose from your options in the Preset drop-down menu. In this example, we want to use the Xvid codec and create a video suitable for full-screen viewing, so we have chosen XviD FullScreen.

Choose a preset if desired.

6. Select a destination folder where the output file (or files) should be written.

Select a destination folder.

7. Click Convert.

Click Convert.

8. You’ll see the verbose output of WinFF in a command prompt window during the conversion process. When it’s complete, it’s safe to close the window.

WinFF displays verbose output during conversion. Close the terminal window when conversion is complete.

9. Verify that the conversion worked by playing the AVI in your favorite video player.

Verify succesful output by viewing AVI in a media player.

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