How to Edit a Scheduled Tweet with an Image


If you use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets, you may have come across a strange quirk that doesn’t allow you to edit them when an image is attached, either to change the text or the scheduled time. Tweets which are simply text, like this one, have the option to edit them within Tweetdeck (see the little pencil icon in the right corner).

But, if you’ve added an image to your scheduled tweet, the edit option goes away – your only choice is to delete the tweet and start over.

Tweet with image

The good news is that there is a way to edit scheduled tweets with images. The catch is you can’t do it from within Tweetdeck, you need to have a Twitter ads account (which is free to create, even if you never plan on running ads).

  1. Go to (log in or create an account if this is your first time)
  2. In the top nav dropdown, click on Creatives > Tweets
  3. The tweet list defaults to Promoted-only Tweets, so click the dropdown in the list filter to Schedule Tweets
  4. Find the scheduled tweet you want to edit and click the Edit icon on the right

And that’s it. Not sure why Twitter makes us go this convoluted route to edit scheduled tweets with images when they easily could have built it into Tweetdeck (we can edit tweets without images, after all), but now you know how to do it.

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