How to Find the Best Tech Influencer for Your Brand Campaign


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Working with influencers is a fantastic way to build consumer awareness for your product or service. At Techlicious, we’ve worked with dozens of brands that have helped them reach millions of consumers and deliver real results – so we know the value these campaigns can provide. However, we also know that finding the best tech influencers and managing all the details and deliverables that go into executing an awareness campaign can be a huge challenge for brands. Which influencers have real reach and engagement? How do I contact influencers and what terms do I need to negotiate? Is there an easy way to track campaign deliverables? How can I simplify the payment process, so I don’t need to manage all the invoices with my accounts payable team?

That’s where influencer communities, like Intellifluence, can make life far easier for PR, marketing or social media teams looking to build a successful campaign around their cool gadget, latest app or awesome service.

Intellifluence is a fully-online platform that gives you instant access to a large network of vetted influencers. You can pitch them directly or have bid to be part of your campaigns. There are tools to fully manage your campaign deliverables and a dashboard of critical metrics to track your campaign results. And Intellifluence takes care of all the payments automatically – once you have approved the final product – so no more back and forth between influencers and your AP folks.

Just like there are lots of influencers out there to sort through, there is no shortage of influencer networks, either. Intellifluence prides itself on its trusted network of more than 85,000 influencers who enjoy better engagement rates than celebrity or aspirational counterparts, which means a better ROI. And for tech brands looking to showcase their coolest gadget or latest app, Intellifluence Electronics & Apps Influencers have a combined audience of more than 36 million (and growing on a daily basis).

If you’re ready to kick off your next campaign, Intellifluence also makes it extremely easy to get up and going. Once you have chosen your plan, complete the registration process and you’re ready to set up your first campaign. It’s easy and affordable (plans start at just $99 per month), and there is no minimum campaign spend. For those that want to offload the effort even more, a 100% managed service plan is available with a dedicated account manager.

To encourage you to give Intellifluence a shot, use the coupon code FREEMONTH on any plan and you’ll get the first month for free.

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