How to Fix a Missing Address Bar in a Browser


Updated: 04/30/2020 by Computer Hope

If you cannot see the address bar in your Internet browser, try the following to make it visible again:

  • Press the F11 key to exit fullscreen mode. The address bar is not visible when the Internet browser is in fullscreen mode.
  • If using Internet Explorer, click View or Tools in the menu bar at the top of the browser window, select Toolbars, then select Address or Address bar. If you do not see the menu bar, press the Alt key to make it visible.
  • A browser add-on or extension may be hiding the address bar. Trying disabling any add-ons or extensions to see if the address bar becomes visible again.
  • The browser may be corrupted, causing the address bar to disappear. Uninstall the browser and reinstall it to see if that fixes the issue.
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