How to hide a post on Facebook


Updated: 09/22/2017 by Computer Hope

Facebook makes it easy to hide anything you see on your Facebook News Feed by doing any of the following steps.

In the top right corner of every post on the Facebook News Feed for desktop computers and mobile devices is a small gray arrow that points down click or tap this arrow to open a menu similar to the example shown below.

Hide individual post from friend

If you enjoy seeing some of what this friend is posting you can hide an individual post and similar posts from showing in your News Feed by clicking on the Hide post option.

Tip: If you want to see even less from your friend, friend of a friend, or related website then take the extra step and click on the option to See less from xxxx, where xxxx is the name of the friend or site.

Hide Facebook posts from a friend of a friend

If your friend is sharing a post from another one of their friends you can choose the option to Hide all from xxxx, where xxxx is the name of who originally shared the post.

Hide all posts from a friend or website

If your friend is posting a lot of posts you don’t enjoy seeing in your News Feed you can hide all posts they make by selecting the Unfollow xxxx, where xxxx is the name of the friend or website you want to unfollow.

When you unfollow someone on Facebook, you will remain friends but no longer see any of their posts. For example, you may want to unfollow a family member who is always posting political posts you don’t enjoy seeing.

Can someone tell if I unfollowed them on Facebook?

No. There is no notification or method of determining if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook. However, if you have frequently liked or commented on their posts in the past and then stop because they’re hidden, someone could make the assumption that you have unfollowed them.

How can I undo a hidden post?

After doing any of the above steps, you are given the option to Undo, which if selected will undo the action.

How to follow someone that has been unfollowed

If you’ve unfollowed someone that you want to follow again, visit their Facebook profile page and click the Follow button. Once you are following someone, their posts will start appearing again in your Facebook News Feed.

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