How to Hide Your TV Cords


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Are the unsightly wires dangling from your wall-mounted TV or amassing behind your TV stand driving your crazy? Luckily, there are easy and inexpensive fixes that can help disguise and organize the jumble of cords. If you’re up for a quick DIY project, an in-wall solution can make your cables disappear. Or, if you’re not ready to make holes in your wall, there are less invasive options designed to hide your cords in plain sight. Find out which method is best for you:

Hide your TV cords in your wall

If you don’t want a single trace of your TV cords, an in-wall kit is your best bet. These involve boring a hole in your wall behind your television and near where you store your media streaming box, gaming system, and other home entertainment gear, or near an outlet, if you don’t have any equipment attached. While this may sound intimidating, the Echogear in Wall Cable Management Kit includes the necessary drill attachment and paintable grommets that provide an attractive finish. Before your take on this project, you’ll need to make sure your TV power plug is no more than 29mm wide, your drywall is at least 0.5 inches thick, and that you have three inches of free space behind your drywall (e.g., no studs, pipes or wires).

Price: $69.99, on sale for $59.99 on Echogear, check price on Amazon

D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover

Hide your TV cords with a cord-cover kit

If you are looking for the most discreet option that doesn’t require power tools, a cord cover kit is your answer. With the D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover, you measure and cut the length of cord cover you need, adhere the cover to your wall, place your cords in the cover and snap it closed. The cord cover comes in white, beige, a light wood grain, sliver, and black, and in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate few or many cables. If none of the colors work, the white cover is paintable to match your wall color. If you need to run your cables along the bottom of the wall, the D-Line Cord Cover Kit includes rounded joints, t-joints, and right-angle pieces so you can fully customize the configuration and path of your wires.

Price: D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover: $14.99, check price on Amazon; D-Line Cord Cover Kit: $28.99, check price on Amazon

D-Line Cable Zipper

Organize your cords with a cable wrap

Cable wraps are a convenient non-permanent, easy-to-install organization tool if you don’t want a mess and don’t mind seeing the bundle of cords. Our favorite is the D-Line Cable Zipper Cord Tube Organizer with Zip Tool. Instead of manually wrapping your cables together, you bundle one end together and feed them into the included Zip Tool. As its name suggests, the Zip Tool Acts like a zipper, encasing your cords, and you “zip” them through the cable wrap. The process takes far less time than traditional organizers that require you to wind it all the way down in a seemingly infinite process.

Price: $12.99, check price on Amazon

Dotz Cord ID Pro

Use cable labels to manage your cords

No matter which method you choose to bundle and hide your cords, it can become difficult to differentiate between various cables. To ensure you know what cable you’re plugging and unplugging, you’ll find cable labels to be a lifesaver. Snap-on covers like the Dotz Cord ID Pro make it easy to move and reuse your labels without leaving any sticky residue. For a less bulky and more permanent solution, the Mr-Label Self-adhesive Cable Label kit allows you to print tags that wrap around and adhere to your cable. These labels are very durable and can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Price: Dotz Cord ID Pro: $7.99, check price on Amazon; Mr-Label Self-adhesive Cable Label: $14.99 on Mr-Label, check price on Amazon

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[Image credit: Echogear, D-Line, Cordotz]

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