How to Perform a Reverse Image Search


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Reverse image search lets you search the web for an image rather than a word or phrase. It’s primarily used to find the original source or perhaps a larger copy of an image, but it has lots of other handy uses. You could take an image you found on Pinterest to identify products — from dresses to desk lamps — in the photo. You could take a photo of a flower, and a reverse image search could tell you what kind of flower it was. A standard text search can’t do that. And fortunately, image searches are pretty simple to do.

How to do a reverse image search on your computer

Simply open the image search page for Bing ( or Google (, then drag and drop the image file into the search box. You can also click the camera icon to the right-hand side of the search box to upload an image manually or to search for an image by URL — handy if you’re looking for the original source of an image on Pinterest or Facebook.