How to rotate an image or picture in OpenOffice Writer


When inserting an image or picture into an OpenOffice Writer document, you only have the option to flip that image horizontally or vertically. There is no option in OpenOffice Writer to rotate the image within a document.

If you need to rotate an image 90-degrees or negative 90-degrees we suggest rotating the image using an image editor and saving the image in the image editor to overwrite the image with the new rotation or saving the rotated image as a new image.

Tip: We do not recommend using OpenOffice Draw to rotate an image. Instead using any other image editor that is capable of creating image files, even MSPaint in Windows would work better than OpenOffice Draw.

Why does the image look ok, but when inserted not rotated?

Unfortunately, OpenOffice Writer cannot detect all forms of rotation or orientation, which means the image may appear fine when viewed elsewhere (e.g. Windows Explorer) but when inserted into a Writer document appear to be rotated. As mentioned earlier, if the image or picture is opened into an image editor, rotated, and then saved as a new file it will appear normal when inserted again into a document.

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