I Can’t Make This Up: Domino’s Launches Pizza Registry For Expecting Parents

What is the best gift you can get for a couple of expecting parents? If you said anything other than pizza, you’re wrong.

Since 2017 seems to be year to just go wild, Domino’s just announced the launch of their very own baby registry service. Yep, now you can get pizza delivered to your house as a gift for popping out a kid, these are exciting and scary times.

It works like any normal baby registry, the parents sign-up, select their gifts and share their registry with friends and family. Except, the selected ‘gift’ is delivered in the form a gift card, rather than an actual delivered pizza pie, bummer. The service also allows parents to select from a variety of pizza-related clothes like baby onesies, slippers, and matching baby and parent shirts.

Laugh all you want, but it seems like a good idea. Think of all the modern women who refuse to eat junk food during their pregnancy, now they can catch up on all those lost calories in a week.

[ Domino’s Baby Registry ] VIA [ People ]

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