InvisibleShield screen protectors for Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus


Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Vane Núñez in Android, Mobile Accessories.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a beautiful display with curved glass on both sides of the screen. The screen of any smartphone is the most important and fragile part so it is necessary to protect it, especially if it is like the S8, a very expensive one. Below you can find 2 upcoming screen protectors that will be available on our website that will help you protect the screen of your Galaxy S8.

InvisibleShield Original

The proprietary film is a clear, urethane plastic that is invisible and offers great protection. The film has its origins in the U.S. military, where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear while travelling hundreds of miles per hour. This screen protector doesn’t interfere with your phone’s screen.

InvisibleShield HD

InvisibleShield HD is the full-coverage version of the original; essentially a screen protector for the entire body of your phone. This full body screen protector comes in two parts, a protector for your Galaxy S8’s screen and one for the back. The InvisibleShield is easy to install in minimal time and with minimal fuss.


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