LG Signature Phone Will Set You Back $1,800


When it comes to luxury phones, they’re mostly a joke. Every so often you see a phone made with gold or encrusted with diamonds, but when the tech becomes outdated so fast, who cares about spending extra on looks?

Well in a bold move, LG has announced the LG Signature Edition. Set to be sold in South Korea, the phone’s highlighting feature is its Zirconium Ceramic body, which is said to be incredibly resistant to scratches. Under the hood, it’s basically a slightly upgraded LG V30, not like anyone has heard of that phone. For all you know, I made up that phone.

The phone also comes bundled with a pair of B&O headphones, which probably inflates the price. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether it will be released in other countries. That’s alright, the only way I’d buy this phone anyway, was if it included an iPhone X and $800 cash.

[ UberGizmo ]

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