Make the most out of your day with these ten smart living gadgets


One of the hardest tasks of the day for many is actually getting out of bed. Throw in cozy weather and less sunlight and leaving your comfortable bed is comparable to torture, especially when you need to go to work.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and wasting the entire day thinking about the weekend, do what it takes to motivate yourself to conquer the day ahead. The following smart living gadgets can help you get the day going in the best way possible so you can be your most productive self.

Designed to ensure you leave your comfortable bed, this alarm keeps ringing until both of your feet are placed on top. Ruggie requires physical action to help you wake up and ensures you won’t hit snooze since both feet must stay on the soft memory foam mat for a minimum of three seconds.

This bedside device utilizes dry diffusion technology to improve your mornings. Offering a vast selection of smells, the Sensorwake Trio uses your favorite smell to wake you up in just three minutes.

Featuring far-field voice recognition, this device allows you to watch videos, check out weather forecasts, view song lyrics and more. Additionally, the Echo Spot can easily add to your shopping or to-do list and play a chapter from your Audible book before you step out of bed.

Using a smart scale and full-length mirror, Naked scans your whole body to create your very own 3D model image. For extra motivation, you can even visualize the changes in your weight or body fat percentage in the 3D model.

This smart mirror helps you make healthier choices right from the start of your day by displaying vital information and stats. Aside from offering fitness, nutrition, and other important info, Mango Mirror also provides health-related data such as your steps, hydration, and calories.

Made of UNOfoam™, this device dramatically reduces the time you spend cleaning your teeth without sacrificing cleanliness. In fact, the mouthpiece covers 99.9% of the surface of your teeth in just a few seconds to save precious morning time.

This comprehensive clothing care system performs ten-minute cycles to keep your belongings fresh. It uses all-natural plant minerals and distilled water to deodorize, de-wrinkle and dry your clothes. You can even use recyclable Tersa Pods to give your clothes a clean scent.

The U by Moen Smart Shower makes it easy to control your shower. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can start, stop and pause the shower using just your voice.

Designed to offer ultimate support and comfort for any type of sleeper, the Eight Smart Mattress comes with a dedicated app to optimize your sleep. Likewise, the app lets you know how you’re sleeping, maintains a comfortable temperature while you sleep and wakes you up at exactly the right time.

Who said you can’t brew coffee from bed? Mr. Coffee® combines a smart coffee brewer and app so you can schedule your morning coffee. It also allows you to adjust brew time and create reminders so your coffee is ready when you are. What’s more, Mr. Coffee® brews a full pot in under eight minutes.

Which of these morning devices will make its way into your home this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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