Meet MovieMask, your wearable movie theater


Movie lovers seem to agree: there’s no better place to watch a movie than in the theaters. After all, these venues provide the latest technology when it comes to both audio and visuals. However, theaters aren’t always ideal. Tickets can be on the pricey side and you might not always get the best seat.

MovieMask is an innovative headset that allows you to enjoy the big-screen viewing experience whenever and wherever you like. Unlike virtual reality headsets, this wearable offers an unobstructed view of the screen. Therefore, you can watch movies at four times the definition that gaming headsets offer.

Since VR attempts to replicate and digitize the real world, one of the largest technical difficulties lies in the mimicry of depth. To create 3D digital landscapes, the majority of VR headsets use a slightly different image for each eye.

When it comes to this type of system, the issue is that you are losing viewing space, especially if you are using a smartphone headset. Instead of using the entire display, you are only viewing two windows, which causes a significant drop in resolution.   

Since MovieMask isn’t mimicking the real world, it doesn’t have to separate your eyes and allows for an unobstructed view inside the headset. As a result, you can make the most out of every pixel that your smartphone provides, turning your iPhone into your very own IMAX screen.

To start using MovieMask, just slip your device into the secure front pocket. Any content that can become full-screen is available on the menu, along with any OS, offering Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and more.

Utilizing a patented single-lens system, the headset keeps the entire display in focus. The ergonomic padding around the viewing windows also offers a comfortable fit. Plus, you can change the viewing distance and even use it with your glasses on.

While you may have a huge television at home, MovieMask allows you to enjoy the big screen from any location. It is also an ideal headset for drone piloting. The only thing that could be better with MovieMask is audio. Wireless earbuds do the trick but other options can feel a bit awkward.  All in all, it’s a fantastic experience for personal entertainment.

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