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Tuesday 31st January 2017 by Vane Núñez in Accessories, Samsung.

Samsung Electronics unveiled another round of memorable innovations at CES 2017 and one of our favorites was the Image Stamp mobile printer. We think it will be the must-have Galaxy S8 accessory this season.

The Samsung Image Stamp is extremely simple to use. An NFC tag allows you to pair it to your phone with one tap, where you’ll be prompted to install the Image Stamp app. The free app guides you through every step of the process, ensuring that users can easily enjoy this unique service.

Once installed, simply select a photo and place your phone on top of the device, and the photo will be printed instantly via a fast WiFi connection.  This printer allows users to print photos exactly as they’re depicted on their smartphone’s screen – no cropping required.

Users also have the option to print QR codes with their photos that link those who scan them to relevant information, such as when the photo was taken.  Printing with sticker paper allows users to create decorative stickers with their photos.

Not only can the Image Stamp be used for pictures, it can also be used to print Business cards, customized bookmarks and many other original things.

The Image Stamp portable printer is light, compact and portable, it is the same size as an S8 but twice as thick, though still very easy to slip into your pocket or bag.

The Samsung Image Stamp is expected in stock by early February. To check the latest prices and availability click the links below:

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