New Lenovo Device Lets You Add Wireless Charging to Almost Any Laptop


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Cords are ugly, especially when you unplug your laptop and leave the cord behind on your desk. With the Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit, you can tidy up your desk with a sleek, attractive wireless mat that takes the place of your dangling cord.

The Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit has two components: a charging mat and a wireless charging receiver. The charging mat has a brushed nickel and silver finish and measures a sleek 12.13 by 0.79 by 0.33 inches. The mat uses a technology called Power by Contact, which means that two contact points on the charging receiver must come in contact with the charging mat for power transfer. This type of wireless charging has a charging efficiency of 93 percent (Qi wireless charging has 75 percent efficiency) and delivers a maximum output of 20 volts, 3.25 amps, and 65 watts, which means it can safely charge most 13-14-inch USB-C non-touchscreen notebooks.

Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit shown mounted on the back of a laptop and plugged into the USB-C port

To prep your laptop for wireless charging, you stick a mounting bracket on the bottom of your laptop, slide the charging receiver onto the mount, and plug in the receiver’s USB-C cord. Once you install the receiver, charging is a simple matter of placing your laptop on the charging mat. When you need to use your regular USB-C laptop charger, you simply unplug the charging receiver’s USB-C plug and slide the charging receiver off the mounting bracket. All that’s left behind is the very slim mounting bracket.

The Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit will cost $139.99 when it ships in October 2021.

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