Official LG G6 cases coming soon to Mobile Fun


The first official cases for the LG G6 are available for pre-order now at Mobile Fun! The Official LG G6 Clear Cover Case is coming soon in Platinum Silver and Black. If you’re looking to pick up one of these official cases before supplies are exhausted, you’re in exactly the right place. Check out the product page here to place a pre-order (or sign up for stock availability); failing that scroll on to see the rest of our info!

The Clear Cover case is a very clever case, unlike almost anything else on the market. That’s because this flip case has a transparent cover, allowing you to see notifications, accept or reject calls and even take photos without opening it up. That will save a second or two every time you need to glance at your G6, and given how often we check our phones on an average day the time savings will add up quickly!

Of course, these cases also provide good protection to your phone. The cover will prevent damage from scratches and knocks, and might even prevent your screen from shattering by shielding it from a direct hit. The case also wraps around the back and edges of the phone, improving its likely longevity. (If you start throwing your phone around though, it might backfire on you — this isn’t one of those nearly invincible LG G6 tough cases!)

The case is also an official LG product, so it was produced with full knowledge of the phone and therefore fits in size and style perfectly. If you want to maintain the elegant appearance of your LG G6, this is an excellent choice.

If you want to keep an easy eye on your G6 while keeping it protected, then pick up the official LG clear cover case. For more information, check out the product page linked below:

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The LG G6 is definitely a phone that you’ll want to check on often too, thanks to that super tall screen, powerful hardware and versatile dual cameras. For more information on the phone itself, included the UK price for the SIM-free model, check out our recent LG G6 price announcement and hands-on impressions article on the G6!

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