OhGizmo! Review: The Zeus Arc Vaporizer


Today we take a first look at the new Zeus Arc vaporizer! Not the brands first release, they’ve also put out units like the Zeus Smite+ and neat gadgets like the Zeus Iceborn.

We do an in-depth analysis to really see what’s behind the automotive inspired design. With a gold heatsink and vapor path, haptic feedback, internal accelerometer and other neat features, it seems to be a pretty solid device on paper. Check out what we have to say about the Zeus Arc here in our review!

The Hardware

The Zeus Arc is engineered in Germany providing a robust yet sleek build which reminds us of many of the high-end cars that come out of Germany. The Arc is actually a bit smaller than we first expected! Fitting comfortably and snugly in the hand, the ergonomic lines make it nice to handle and hold. The hard-coat aluminum chassis feels sturdy though not too heavy either while giving it a clean and high-end feel to it.

It’s hard not to mention the gold on the GT model! The heating chamber is entirely gold which we found led to much better extraction and great cloud production. With the vapor path being in contact with the gold heatsink, it allows the vapor to dissipate heat much quicker than with other materials. This allows for smoother and cooler vapor and a nicer overall experience. Of course, the gold trim also boosts the looks as well!

An accelerometer on a vaporizer? Has science gone too far? Well, no, not really! By shaking the device, it’ll then display the battery level by illuminating the LEDs. If the Arc doesn’t detect movement within 30 seconds, it’ll instinctively begin cooling down too! This helps preserve your herb and battery life in case you get distracted, which happens more frequently than I care to admit.

The device charges via MicroUSB, which is both convenient and effective. The same port allows you to run firmware updates as well, in case some changes come out in the future to make the experience even better. We love how this future-proofs the unit for a while, which is important in this quickly changing market.
The battery is powerful and lasts around ~90 minutes, or 6-9 sessions, depending on which heat setting you choose and your personal usage habits. This is more than enough for the occasional session, and daily users won’t be left out to dry after just a couple bowls.

If you thought they couldn’t have engineered any other neat features into the device, you’d be wrong! The Zeus Arc also has an integrated stirring tool magnetically attached to the bottom. This is super convenient when you want to stir the bowl or empty it out after a session without frantically looking for a small pick. Thanks, Zeus!

The Performance

Onto what really matters most – how does it work? Well to start, after you’ve powered the device on and selected a temperature, you’ll want to wait for it to heat-up. The three different heat settings will give you slightly different results. Check out below to see our comparison!

Temperature setting 1: The most flavorful of them all, the first heat setting is perfect for really tasting your herb and getting a light, functional session that won’t leave you completely couchlocked.

Temperature setting 2: Good for a balanced experience, the second heat setting gives you a little more ‘oomph’ with your draws, producing more vapor than on the first. The flavor is a little darker than on the first setting but still good and personally, this setting gets the most use for me!

Temperature setting 3: Great for when you want to kick back and really melt into the couch, the third heat setting extracts as much as possible out of your herbs. Though the vapor is a little harsher and tastes a bit like roasted popcorn, it’s well worth it if you want a potent, powerful session!

The gold (or stainless steel) heat sink and vapor path does a solid job at cooling down the vapor before it reaches your lungs on all the settings. More effective than other materials without adding unnecessary flavor to your herb, it was an interesting design choice that evidently paid off!

As the heatsink is encased by silicone, you might be wondering if that adds any flavor either, considering the properties of silicone. Thankfully, Zeus used a quality medical grade silicone that feels nice to use, also without adding any unnecessary flavor or smells to your vapor.

It’s worth mentioning how small and portable the Zeus Arc is! It’s on par with units like the Pax 3 or DaVinci IQ which is impressive for something this powerful. The curved edges make it fit nicely into the pocket or a bag, as well as having an ergonomic use too.

Hiding away almost entirely in the hand while coated in a discreet black finish, the Arc resembles a power bank more than an herb vaporizer. This is convenient for those times where you want to have a stealthy session without any worries.


The Zeus Arc is quite an impressive vaporizer putting powerful and potent draws in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for a portable, convenient unit with good build quality, strong feature and a large chamber, the Zeus Arc could be the right one for you!

While the standard Zeus Arc works very well, the Zeus Arc GT with its upgraded gold parts and trim pieces is definitely worth it if you’re looking to shell out a little more instead! Plus, who doesn’t love gold!

If you are looking to pick one up you can get it directly for TVAPE.

+ Great vapor production
+ Large herb chamber
+ Intuitive features, attractive design.
+ Gold heatsink for effective cooling.

– No full temperature control (3 settings works well however)
– No removable battery

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