Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs Vanish into Your Room


Samsung’s QLED TV lineup continues to impress. While other TV-makers — like LG and Sony — have focused on OLED technology as their premiere TV technology, Samsung flagship line is still comprised of LED TVs, which it calls QLED for “quantum dot LED.” While quantum dot technology has been available for a few years, Samsung has further refined the technology for its 2018 line to produce more and brighter colors, wider viewing angles and darker blacks than standard LED TVs and even start to rival OLED TVs, which typically outperform LED TVs on true blacks and viewing angles. 

But it’s Samsung’s smart features that really make its sets stand out. The most unique among them is a new ambient mode, which makes the TV blend seamlessly into the wall when you aren’t watching anything. It’s an impressive effect: ambient mode makes for TVs that are no longer black boxes on the wall, but instead completely unobtrusive parts of the room. It’s relatively simple to set up, too. You’ll need to use the Samsung SmartThings app (which is available for both iOS and Android) to snap a picture of your television. Then, like a chameleon, the television will blend into the wall behind it. It’s all automatic.