Stay warm with the Down X Heated jacket


When it comes to the cold, nature tends to be hard to beat. Even though there are several types of synthetic insulation, down is known as the most effective one. After all, it is the same material that helps birds retain their body heat in harsh winter conditions.

The Ravean 12v C6 jacket is a medium-weight garment that features both electric heating pads and responsibly sourced down filling. This winning combination makes it possible for you to stand in freezing temperatures without noticing just how cold it is.

Typical unheated clothing traps your body heat to provide warmth, which is why more layers allow less heat to escape. Protective outer layers also prevent cold wind from getting inside. However, your body may have a tough time generating enough heat once the mercury drops. That’s when a heated jacket is a must.

The Ravean C6 Jacket has integrated thin heat pads in the back on both sides, the breast and the pockets. All you have to do is turn the pads on as soon as you start to feel cold. The amount of heat is also easily adjustable in the same way you adjust an indoor thermostat. The jacket is capable of keeping you warm in -10 degrees Fahrenheit when it is on full blast.

Not just heat alone

The C6 Jacket comes with a curved battery pack, which gives power to the heat pads. The unique shape of the pack makes it comfortable against your body.

Once the battery is fully charged, it has enough power to offer more than two hours at max output and over six hours on low heat. Additionally, the battery can also be used to charge mobile devices. Thanks to its 10,5000 mAh capacity, you can easily charge your smartphone three times.

Even though the Ravean C6 is loaded with tech, it weighs just 150 grams. The jacket is also machine washable and easy to pack during your travels.

Responsibly sourced

The Ravean heated jacket is an ideal addition to your collection, especially as the winter temperatures start to bite. The responsibly sourced down and adjustable heating also make it stand out amongst other heated jackets.

Upcoming designs

It would be interesting to see jackets with similar technology that can avoid animal products altogether by using a different filling.

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