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Everyone’s favorite plumber takes on the small screen. Run through collecting coins in authentic Mario levels reimagined for mobile.


The wildly popular Super Mario Run smartphone game is now available for play on Android devices, Nintendo said Wednesday.

Nintendo said in a tweet that it made the game available for download at the Google Play store a little earlier than it expected.

The release comes about three months after Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first-ever smartphone game, was launched on iOS in December. The game was an instant hit with Apple device users, racking up 40 million downloads in its first four days to become the fastest-selling iOS game in the history of the App Store.

The game lets users navigate Mario the plumber through a variety of familiar-looking levels, grabbing as many coins and power-ups as possible along the way. The game is free to download, but players who want to progress beyond the third level will have to pay $10 (that’s £7.99 in the UK or AU$15 in Australia) to unlock the rest of the game.

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