The Apple Addict Guide To Secret Santa


The dreaded workplace Secret Santa has returned to the office, and your fellow cubicle dwellers have descended into their usual panic when faced with the gargantuan task of giving a co-worker they barely know a present. But not you. As the gift-giving anxiety eats at their nerves, you’re as cool as a peppermint candy cane. Why? Because you pulled the resident Apple addict out of the hat.

Between the MacBook Air at their desk, the Apple Watch on their wrist, and the iPhone 7 (soon to be 8) in their hands, the office’s Mac-daddy or Mac-mama has got it all. Their shrine to the ghost of Steve Jobs means you have the easiest Secret Santa pick in the office. Forget about CVS-brand chocolate or “smart” novelty trinkets bought online, the days of bad gifts are behind you. All you have to do is wrap up any of the following Apple-inspired items, and you’ll win Secret Santa this year.

A New Stylus

If you’ve heard their muttered curses as they search for their misplaced stylus, then be their hero and get them a whole set of back-up styluses. While you can drop over $100 on certain designs, you can find competent styluses for around $10 online. Don’t worry about skimping out. The majority of iPad-ers won’t appreciate what luxury styluses offer, especially if they have a habit of losing them.

MacBook Decals

Your clumsy and fashion-forward co-worker will love a MacBook decal. Also known as a skin, this accessory wraps around their laptop to provide a grime- and scratch-free surface that’s water resistant. That means their beloved Air will be safe from sharp edges and spilled coffee as they burn the midnight oil at their desk. Take a look at the MacBook Air 13 skins online and choose from true colors and luxury textures guaranteed to delight your colleague. Quick tip: check out the selection from dbrand to find designs you can’t find anywhere else online, and you’ll have the ultimate gift of personalization and protection.

MacBook Briefcase

This isn’t your dad’s leather briefcase with tarnished clasps. An Apple-approved briefcase has an elegant, practical design that holds their Air and any other Apple product they may lug to and from the office, including all those dongles they carry around with them. Give them the gift of looking like a boss every time they show up to work with a sleek briefcase tailor-made for their Mac.

iPhone Screen Protector

One wrong move and the precious LCD Retina display of their iPhone will chip, scratch, and — the doomsday scenario — shatter. Avoid seeing your co-worker mourn the death of their screen by wrapping up an iPhone screen protector. It’s a clear accessory that attaches straight to the screen without interfering with any of its haptic technology. Once applied, it’ll help keep chips and scratches at bay.

iPhone Lightning Dock

The iPhone Lightning Dock designed by Apple itself is a great addition to any desk or worktop. Once connected, their iPhone will sync as it charges. It comes in 5 metallic finishes, including the beloved rose gold. Do some snooping and pick the color that matches their iPhone, or pair it with a customized iPhone skin to create the ultimate package.

Battery Pack

The battery life of an iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. If you were to ask your co-worker about it, they’d probably regale you with all the times it died at inopportune times, like at 2am when they need to book an Uber or in the middle of an important phone call with their significant other. But don’t ask them because it might tip them off to your brilliant gift idea. Just buy them a power bank that fits their generation and your budget.

Depending on your budget, you’ll have to choose the best option from this list, or you can embody the generous spirit of the gift-giving spirit and break free from the office’s agreed-upon cash limits. Whether you pick one or curate a basket full of Apple-themed presents for your Apple addict, you’re guaranteed to impress the whole office with your gift-giving ways.

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