The best Wireless Chargers you can buy in 2020!


With more and more devices coming with wireless charging built-in, consumers are adopting this new and convenient charging method in greater numbers. Charging smartphones, wireless headphones and much more, wireless chargers as a must have accessory in 2020 and as such we’ve put together a selection of our favourite wireless chargers that we’d recommend for a fast, reliable and convenient charge.

1.  Olixar Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Providing extremely fast wireless charging for both Android and Apple devices, the Olixar Slim 10w wireless charger keeps your devices topped up, with extreme convenience. Coming with non-slip landing strips on the top, your devices will stay securely in place, while the slim charger suits any environment thanks to it’s sleek design. The slim nature also makes for a very portable charging option, ideal for taking with you on your travels. Fully RHOS certified, this wireless charger provides peace of mind that your devices will remain charged in the safest and most effortless way possible.

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2.  Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Official Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Next up we’ll feature a great option from Samsung with all the style and high-end functionality you’d expect from an official accessory. Differing from most wireless charging pads, this wireless charger allows you to stand your smartphone or other wireless charging device, keeping it in view while it charges wirelessly. This is extremely handy when charging your smartphone on your desk at work or bedside table, as you’ll be able to stay in the know as notifications come in, while your device charges at a fast rate of 7.5W. This all combines to make a top pick for anyone looking for a simple drop and go solution, but whom also wants to stay in touch with the outside world whilst still charging.

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3.  Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

Nomad Wireless Charging Hub + 4 USB Ports - Black

Not just a wireless charger, this unique option also doubles up as a charging hub, with 4 USB ports discretely hidden within the body. This combines to provide you with the ultimate charging solution that’s perfect for keeping busy desks tidy! Capable of charging up to 5 devices at once, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub delivers exceptional charging speeds, with extreme convenience. The footprint of this item is a little larger than others on this list, but the additional charging qualities make this worth it.

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4.  Veho DS-4 Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Veho DS-4 Qi 1.2 Universal Wireless Fast Charging Pad - Black

We move on now to another unique charger in the form of the Veho DS-4 Wireless Charger. While this may look like a regular wireless charging stand, it instead features an intuitively designed magnetic locking system that allows you the freedom to charge vertically as a stand or horizontally as a flat pad. This freedom means that you can adapt depending on where you choose to situate the charger as well as making a change based on the device you’re charging making it a top option for anyone looking to charger their devices wirelessly.

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5.  Official Samsung Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo

Official Samsung Galaxy Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo

Finishing up with another official option now, we feature the Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo from Samsung, a fantastic option that delivers wireless charging to two devices at once. Providing you with two charging options, this charging stand is ideal for those with multiple wireless charging devices such as smartphones, wireless earbuds and even smartwatches. Perfect for the bedside table, this charger will keep your Qi compatible devices fully charged without taking up multiple plug sockets, making it a great pick for those who want to keep a range of devices charged at once.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this look at five of the best wireless chargers available to buy in 2020. If you have any questions about the chargers featured in the article then please do ask away below and for more information / to purchase any of the options above please click through on the Buy Here links!


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