The brilliant budget alternative to the BeatsX, available now


Apple’s new BeatsX headphones (right) are out now, for the princely sum of £130. That’s probably a fair price for a pair of headphones that are also a fashion accessory from a famous #brand, but it’s bit too rich for my blood. Instead, I’m picking up the budget alternative (left): the no-nonsense Cellular Line Motion In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, available now at Mobile Fun for just £40.

The Cellular Line headphones are rather plainer than the Beats, coming in just black instead of blue, grey, white or black. They’re also noticeably lacking a tiny ‘B’ logo on each earpiece. Otherwise, they’re pretty much identical — comfortably chunky headphones that rest securely in your ears, even if you’re running or exercising. The two earbuds attach magnetically when they’re not in use, just like the BeatsX, and are connected by a slim cable with an in-line remote that makes it easy to change the volume, skip tracks and more.

Cellular Line Motion In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Remote

The sound quality is impressive too. Rather than the boomy, over-emphasised bass that we’ve come to expect from the Beats line, these Cellular Line in-ears have a more faithful and neutral sound, allowing you to hear your music just as the artist intended it. There’s still enough bass for genres that require it, paired well with clear mids and crisp, punchy treble.

Overall, these Cellular Line headphones offer terrific value: the same comfortable Bluetooth in-ear form factor as the BeatsX, with more natural sound reproduction, at less than a third of the price. They even work with Android phones as nicely as they do iPhones. Try them for yourself and see.

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