The Samsung Galaxy 8 is Coming – All the Rumours on the Latest Must-Have Phone


by Kevin on March 9, 2017

That time of year is fast approaching again when we start to hear rumours of what the next batch of phones are going to offer. Whether you are an Apple fan with their iPhone, or prefer Samsung’s latest device, now is the time to consider that upcoming upgrade. With that in mind we’ve brought together some of the rumours around the phone.

Release Date News

One of the most obvious pieces of news that everybody wants to know is when will the device be out? Well the release date is normally revealed in March, so we can expect it by the end of the month, as this is when the news is due to be released. This will also be when the retailers and networks will release their deals for the phone too.

The New Design

While you can expect the phone to look similar to previous designs there are some interesting changes that have leaked online. This includes a minimalistic front bezel, allowing the screen to take up even more space and to give the user the full force of the phone. This will be a good upgrade for those wanting more space to watch those full screen videos. On the back, there is also a rumoured third space next to the camera for what is believed to be a finger print scanner.


When a new phone comes out we like to focus on the power the device will be providing us. Whether it is used to watch videos, play some online slots pay by mobile phone bill, or just do battle in the latest Candy Crush Saga clone the more power the device has, the better.

There is no fear here though, with a rumoured new Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset with 6GB of ram there is plenty of power to run even the most power hungry application. This beast looks like it is going to be an entertainment powerhouse.

The Power of 4K

Moving into the 4K world means that the Samsung Galaxy 8 needs a screen that can handle the requirement. With a 2560×1440 resolution screen, there should be no worries here. While we may wonder what the use of a 4K screen is on a small device, this is paving the way for the use of Virtual Reality with your phone.

A Pricey Bargain?

So with all of this new technology heading our way how much will it cost? Well the rumour is that the phone will cost around £599, so start saving now.

Many of the details above are rumours, so it will be interesting just what the phone will be able to do. We’ll be able to get all the facts when it is finally revealed later this month.

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